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Enable more time and joy in everyday life

We like to laugh and enjoy working in an interdisciplinary team. We are committed, passionate and personal.

With our solutions, we want to give people more time and joy in everyday life and thus make a contribution to the positive development of our planet.

We create spaces with spirit and atmosphere.

We are KAQTU.

Rebecca Morgenthaler Portraitfoto


I am fascinated by the interplay of tension and harmony in space. The individual details often make the big difference. Well arranged is half the battle. The heart of my first apartment was a grass-green side table.

#creativity #naturelover #foodie #staypositive #yoga

Matteo Patisso Portraitfoto


The apartment is a perfect retreat from the stressful everyday life and the many projects. At home I recharge my batteries for my next projects - big or small. One of my first objects was an OLED 65" TV. A perfect set-up for the Juve games.

#coding #juve #challenges #fussball #workntravel #family

Kevin Fries Portraitfoto


Since my youth, rooms and their furnishings have had a very special meaning for me. This fascination has not waned to this day. My first piece of furniture was the chair by Vico Magistretti, which I bought when I was 18.

#industrialdesign #improvisationalart #skateboarding #streetart #piano #glitch

Gian Bühler Portraitfoto


I prefer things other than writing lyrics and I'm a fan of handy tools and variety. My dormouse bed is great and the name also suits me very well.​

#puravida #fussball #paneconoliveoil #real #lenguajeconecta #costarica

Lukas Roth Portraitfoto


A simply and practically furnished apartment gives me the feeling of being at home. My first piece of furniture was a big bed where I can relax and unwind.​

#tacos #softwareengineering #snowybeaches #motorbike #coffee

Hanieh Aslani Portraitfoto


It fascinates me how the design of a home tells a lot about the people who live in it. My first piece of furniture was a wooden chair from the 70s, which I painted white. He became an eye-catcher for everyone.​

#singasong #danceadance #designart #diversity #persian

Per Thoma Portraitfoto


Keep an eye on the big picture and still not lose sight of the beauty and relationship to small things - an exciting dance - day in, day out. Maybe not my first, but a faithful companion is a wine box converted into a flower pot.

#mountainslover #standupman #passion(fruit) #aroundtheworld #FFF

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